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Enjoy Life.

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As I got into my 1997 white Ford Taurus on Friday morning, I dreaded the 4-and-a-half hour drive to Tennessee.  Driving that far by myself is not exactly the most appealing thing in my life.  I tend to get headaches when I drive distances and changing radio stations in my non-cd-playing car gets a little obnoxious while driving through the mountains in Chattanooga.  And although I was incredibly excited about the plans for the weekend, I wished I didn’t have plans.  I had yet to visit Tennessee with zero plans…where I could fly by the seat of my pants the entire weekend.  And it would be okay.

Except I didn’t realize what was in store for me.  Saturday, I didn’t have any plans.  Apparently, I allowed the dreadfulness of the drive to Tennessee overpower the fact that I didn’t have any plans on Saturday.
What did I do?  I called my Aunt Janice, one of the greatest ladies to ever grace this Earth.  When my Granny died 8 years ago, Aunt Janice (who is my Granny’s sister) stepped in to help guide my mom and to be the most awesome friend anyone could ask for.  She also took my sister, brother, & me under her wings & treats us like her own grandchildren.  (She should really be included in the next episode of  Anyway-my mom & I spent the day with my Aunt Janice by hitting up an incredible cafe-style restaurant, Puffy Muffin, and then shopping at cute little boutiques like Hot Pink in Franklin, TN.  While savoring the day & taking in every drop of shopping-but-not-buying, my Aunt Janice mentioned how she wants to enjoy life.  To experience each day with her husband.  To make the best of every day. To forget constantly making plans.  & even in the midst of all of the plans, to enjoy every bit of it.

At that moment, I realized how little we do this.  How little I do this.
Enjoy life.
It’s so simple.
I get so caught up in all of my plans that I don’t allow myself to experience every moment.  Or to experience the moments in between because I’m constantly rushing to figure out what I need to do next.
I worry. And worry. And worry.  I keep myself up at night from worrying so much.  I lose focus during the day because of worrying.  I can’t imagine how much I have missed because I couldn’t quit thinking about things I can’t control.
I wonder how many times I have allowed myself to become consumed in every day things to a point where I forget how to enjoy life.

This is new for me.  To take the time to enjoy life.  To be okay with the plans I have & to be okay with not having plans.  To spend more time with my husband doing things we love.  To quit worrying at night so that I can enjoy laying in bed with my husband knowing that I get to wake up next to him in the morning.

Hearing Aunt Janice talked about enjoying life was exactly what I needed this weekend.  And exactly what I was able to do.  I ate a late lunch, shopped-without-buying, took a nap in her amazing recliner, and didn’t care about where I had to be next or when I had to be there.
Next time I take a 4-and-a-half hour drive, which consequently is this Thursday, I won’t dread it.  I won’t despise the fact that I don’t have a cd player in my car or no one to talk to.  I get to drive through the mountains and listen to static on the radio stations with the windows down.  I will enjoy every bit of it.  And I encourage you to do the same.

Today, enjoy life.

and because a post is not complete without a photo, this is my husband & i taking in our wedding day.

Episode Two

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  • West Virginia’s Quarterback. He threw a ton of interceptions on Saturday.  Which, in turn, meant that Auburn was absolutely awesome.  Sticking around through the one hour [pouring-down, hurricane-like] rain delay was 100% worth it.
  • The Super-Powerful Air-Blowing Device at Value Place. I dropped a Mexican eggroll in the burning hot oil tonight, which resulted in tons of smoky steam.  By the time I noticed the room was filled with it, the smoke alarm went off.  In a hotel.  Thank goodness for the employee who brought The Super-Powerful Air-Blowing Device to my room and opened the window to make the alarm stop.  Incredibly embarrassing moment.
  • Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Ross, & Phoebe. Seasons 1-6 in a two week period.  I just love it.


Spread the Love Tour 2010

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Justin & Mary Marantz, a fabulous husband & wife photographer team, want you to choose where they should spread the love!

So how do you get them to your town?

  • First, check out their flippin’ awesome work.  They seriously rock.
  • Second, click here & read all about their 2010 Tour and how you can register to win some amazing giveaways!
  • Third, vote once on their website in their comment box.  Not only will this ‘one-up’ your town for a visit from the lovely duo, but it also registers you for their giveaways.
  • Lastly-TWEET IT.  Every day until the contest is over.  Every time you do, you register yourself for another chance to win giveaways AND you help the Marantzes spread the love!

Episode One

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Just to add a little extra fun to the blog every week (oh yes, every week), I’m starting a little series I like to call ‘the’  It’s a nice way for me to share how much I love my life and all the little parts of it.  Without wasting any more time, episode one…


  • Papa Johns Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza. I’m currently having withdrawals from this actually.  The Papa Johns in Columbus = better than any I have ever had.  B & I are definitely hooked.
  • Auburn tailgating naps. Yes, I took a nap at Auburn.  B’s family laughs at me because I fall asleep anywhere & everywhere.  Even if it means in the midst of hundreds of drunk people hanging out with their kegs and Direct TV satellites (for the hardcore tailgaters) just to gear up for the Auburn game.  It’s true.
  • MTV VMAs. Janet Jackson was there.  That made my night.
  • Red Robin french fries. Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am a french fry addict.  It is a serious weakness (don’t tell anyone, but a couple summers ago, I went for an entire two weeks where I ate french fries twice a day. I’m not kidding).  Red Robin french fries are my favorite.  I am always the one that asks for more (because they are bottomless, of course) while everyone else is struggling to finish their first serving.

& not-so-much the

  • Peanut Butter M&Ms & Lays Potato Chips. Although they are two of the best snacks on the face of the planet, they tend to overtake my day when I keep them around.  Twice last week, I pretty much ate only M&Ms & Chips until dinnertime.  The stomach was not so happy later.  But it might have been worth it.
  • The People magazine that I didn’t finish & left in the back of my in-laws car.

I think it’s about time for some blog love!  Tell me what made your week

AnaBeth |18 months| Huntsville, AL Children’s Photography

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Just a few of my favorites!

This one makes me melt.



And this light makes my heart happy.


The rest of AnaBeth’s images are up in her gallery!  Please click here to check them out.


The Helton Man-Shower | Fayetteville, TN

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My best friend, Jessica, is getting married exactly one month from today.  This past weekend, the bridesmaids threw a Tools & Gadgets shower for her fiance, and they loaded up on stuff for working on their house!  Thought I’d share a few images from the night.

For those photographer who like technical info…this one was shot on my 50 mm at f/1.4, 1/800 sec, ISO 100.  This shot proves why I love this lens so much.
For those of you who are wondering, there were 1117 nails in the jar.

We also played the twinkie game.  Each couple was a team.  Using their mouths only, they had to pick the twinkie up off the ground, take off the wrapper, & eat the entire thing.  The winning couple also ate the wrapper.

If you say you don’t want to squeeze this precious baby’s cheeks, you are lying.

Newlywed Game.  For every question they got wrong about one another, they had to chew another piece of bubblegum.  Randy obviously won.

She got pink tools.  In a pink toolbox.  And she was very very very excited!


I LOVE YOU JESS!  Can’t wait until your big day! 30 & counting….